reality disappears when there is control (2)

“So choosing the right elements for your work is very important and surprisingly signs of good or bad selection are there from the beginning. I don’t know why we are so overconfident for no reason. Overconfident people are losers. If people are not what you want them to be, then there is nothing you can do. This is not limited to selecting performers, it is also true for selecting our partners in real life.  Some people think they can change the bad manners of their partners, but they just themselves and their partner through a rough time. It is best for all of us to think change is not possible, or if it is, it is too small to see in our lifetime. So in my opinion if we believe in change and want to change and keep our partner then we must make the changes in ourselves. If they have remarkable characteristics, then you must make the change within ourselves because you are more at your own service than them.”

–excerpt Cinematic Lessons from Abbas Kiarostami


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