We must learn the language of communication

“We have to learn the language of communication when it comes to working with others. This language is completely different than everyday conversation. It is a language that can get you closer to others and them to you, not create distances. How do you ask someone to do something for you? How do you say what you want and the hardest part is how do you know what you want in the first place? I think we obtain something first then decide if we want it or not. Our class here is one example, it is a solution for itself, it tells you make a movie to see what you can gain and then you may see if it is close to your needs or not. We have a poem that says, ‘You plummet in path of love,’ meaning you have to dive with your head, ‘fallen blood at our feet,’ ask nothing and make your move, ‘the path alone leads the way.’ When we don’t know what we want we must make a move. When we take the steps, we gain, then we’ll see if it satisfies us or not.” – Abbas Kiarostami


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