Learning by Making

“If we do not seek and accept any answer easily, it is difficult to be a filmmaker” Abbas Kiarostami

Learning by Making with Abbas Kiarostami

A wonderful article by one of the students, Cameron Bruce Nelson, on his experience as part of the Black Factory film workshop in Cuba with Abbas Kiarostami. Also includes wonderful reminisces by other students who were there. Please read and share.

Learning by Making with Abbas Kiarostami by Cameron Bruce Nelson


Tener Confianza en Sí Mismo

Kiarostami cree que nuestra fuerza viene de nuestras debilidades. Tenemos que conocer nuestras debilidades y superarlas constantemente. También debemos enriquecer nuestro lado fuerte para perfeccionarnos y crecer no sólo como cineastas, sino como seres humanos. Es decir, esto es aplicable no sólo a nuestra profesión sino en toda nuestra vida cotidiana.

Extracto – Lec­ciones Cin­e­matográ­fi­cas de Abbas Kiarostami

Have Self-Confidence

Kiarostami believes when we think we are doing everything the best way, that is the worst time of our lives. We must understand that our power comes from our weaknesses. We must find our weaknesses and not be overcome by them. We must also enrich our forte to reach self-confidence, this is not related to filmmaking alone but it is true in everyday life.

Excerpt – Cinematic Lessons from Abbas Kiarostami

The first and most important viewer of your film is yourself

“The first and most important viewer of your film is yourself. See if you can make yourself satisfied. If you can definitely satisfy yourself then there are definitely some viewers around the world whom you can satisfy, even if you don’t see them. Maybe they are not among your neighbors or your friends but they are somewhere in this world if you are satisfied with your film yourself.” – Abbas Kiarostami